The New MCC Course

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What you need to know about the new Multi Crew Cooperation courses in Australia

As discussed in a previous article (The New ATPL Flight Test), for many years to obtain an ATPL it was sufficient to complete all seven exams and meet the minimum aeronautical experience requirements. Since 2014, there are several additional requirements, namely to complete an approved course of multi-crew cooperation training as well as to pass an ATPL Flight Test.

The ATPL flight test assesses the applicant’s competencies as pilot-in-command of a multi-crew operation. It is conducted as an IFR operation in a multi-engine turbine powered aeroplane (normally a simulator) operated with a co-pilot.

An MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course is not only a prerequisite to sit your ATPL flight test. To get a type rating on any multi-crew aircraft (from an EMB-120 or a BE1900, to an A320), you will also need an MCC course completion certificate.

To help gain some insight into the MCC course, Peter Chin, an airline veteran with many years experience with Qantas and Emirates, will explain what’s involved in the course he currently delivers in Perth:

B737 simulator at night

Peter Chin currently delivers the MCC course at the B737 simulator centre in the Perth CBD in conjunction with Aviation Australia. They also offer a range of B737 packages for pilots (loggable as Cat B simulator), including familiarisation or recency flights.

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