The new “GA Ready” course

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What you need to know to be GA Ready and land your first pilot job in the Top End

Flight Standards C210

Landing your first job is hard! Newly qualified commercial pilots often find themselves competing for a prospective job with other candidates who have slightly more experience, or who were at the right place at the right time.

To improve their chances of landing a charter flying job in the top half of Australia, some green pilots look at getting some self-funded familiarisation training on a Cessna C206 or similar, plus at least 5 hours of private hire for PIC time.

One company that offers an interesting and unique course of post-CPL training is Flight Standards in Darwin. They combine a high performance single-engine endorsement with maintenance training, interview coaching and other essential experiences. Cameron Marchant offers us some information on their “GA Ready” course:

Pilot jobs at Kakadu Air

Cameron Marchant is the Chief Pilot of Flight Standards, a multifaceted flying school that is located in Darwin but also has bases in Alice Springs, Perth and Brisbane.

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